What is Sublimation?

During sublimation the ink becomes a gas then absorbs into the fabrics and become the part of the fabric. This is totally different from screen printing, where the ink is deposited on the surface of the fabric, suffocating the technical fabric’s characteristic ability to breath. Sublimation, on the other hand, allows the garment to maintain its technical characteristics, continuing to breathe and wick moisture away from the body.  The fabric, which absorbs the dye completely, remains soft. Your design is permanently infused into the fiber of the fabric and does not crack, peel, or wear off.

Our fully sublimated products are truly custom made cut & sew items. Your items are made to order. Starting out with white fabric, we sublimate – dye/ink infuses – each piece of the garment based on your color and design choices before we sew the product.

Sublimation is fantastic/perfect for small or large numbers! The lead time is also short and it is a very affordable way of getting bespoke team wear.


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