An elegant decorating method, embroidery has been a part of our business for over 10 years. Our machine needlework facility is equipped to handle your large Custom Corporate Embroidery projects with speed and precision. Come and see why customers have been coming back for the ISSUA SPORTS Experience; friendly service and quality work!

Good embroidery begins and ends with a good foundation, i.e. the digitizing. We are fully familiar with the different technical requirements for various materials, such as cotton and polyester polos, business shirts, fleecy or stretchy garments.

We work hard to create the best quality art and embroidery designs. Our designs start with a concept for an embroidery project or style. Our experienced artists then sketch the embroidery designs with an eye for detail and digitizing. This extra detail allows our digitizing team to create the highest quality machine embroidery designs. Our digitizers carefully work to reduce embroidery thread changes, eliminate thread traps.

 What is Tackle Twill?

If you have a large design, embroidery can get expensive. Save money with Tackle Twill!

Sewn Tackle Twill replaces parts of your embroidery with fabric.

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